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At 4 Point Services, we know how vital crane services are to the construction industry. Whether you are clearing land or doing heavy construction at great heights, you need a company that can safely take care of your needs to don’t risk injury, liability, and property damage. Without cranes to lift heavier loads, it would be almost impossible to do some big construction projects or perform the heavy lifting you need. Our cranes will handle your payloads regardless of type and size. We’ll take care of all the heavy machinery removal your project requires. We offer a quick and reliable heavy equipment rental service to give you the tools to complete your project correctly. We’ll work with you through the job in a professional and timely manner. No job is too big or too small for us. We can lift heavy loads over great distances without delay or failure. We plan the details of every project to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Pre-planning and safety are our top priorities, and we never send our team to your site before planning everything down to the last detail. Trust our cranes to do the work quickly and safely. For heavy equipment removal and more in the Coffeyville, KS area, call (620) 515-5597.